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Welcome to Chernobyl and Pripyat (for english speaking visitors) This forum has been opened specially for english-speaking visitors who interested in Pripyat problems and who would like to share their thoughts.

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Site and Trip FAQ - v. 0.0.2

Pripyat - FAQ v. 0.0.2


1. General information.
2. Trips to Pripyat - Possible Versions.
3. Methods of Payment.
4. Dangers in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
5. Recommendations on equipment.
6. Films.

1. General information

Question: I was registered at the forum forum.pripyat.com and wanted to create a new theme..., and received a message "You have been banned for the following reason: no
Date the ban will be lifted: never "

The answer:
Unfortunately, registration at the forum does not always work correctly. Write a personal message to the manager of a forum psyonna, Vlad or Water and the problem will be solved.

The procedure of account activation for a new account should be made once (simply, it is not necessary to come some times under the reference received by e-mail for acknowledgement of registration), the probability of occurrence of a similar mistake practically is completely eliminated by that.

It is necessary to mention also, that new participants of a forum cannot immediately create new themes at a forum. Write one message, for example in a theme Hello, I... Section Welcome to Chernobyl and Pripyat (for english speaking visitors), and you will have an opportunity to create new themes in the forum.

Question: I have found interesting the Internet-resources on subjects of the site. How I can publish references?

The answer:
You can publish Internet references in the Section Welcome to Chernobyl and Pripyat (for english speaking visitors). Before creation of the message it is desirable to check up, that references offered by you were not published earlier in the forum. Take advantage of site search in the forum.

Question: Can I use text and photos from the project pripyat.com for accommodation on the Internet as a resource.

The answer:
Yes. The only stipulation is that you must specify the primary source as well as pripyat.com.

2. Visiting of Pripyat. Possible Variants.

Question: As I have understood project Pripyat.com will organize trips to the Chernobyl zone of alienation and the city of Pripyat. Where is it possible to receive detailed information?

The answer:
On trips (and not only) you can receive Exhaustive information at a forum forum.pripyat.com. For the beginning we recommend you to glance in section the Organized trips to Pripyat (in Russian) or in the section Welcome to Chernobyl and Pripyat (for english speaking visitors).

We recommend that you read about past trips (all in Russian):

Pripyat, May 30, 2006
Pripyat, June 30, 2006
Pripyat, July 30, 2006
Pripyat, September 2, 2006
Pripyat, September 30, 2006
Pripyat, October 28, 2006
Pripyat, March 31, 2007
Pripyat, April 28, 2007

Question: How old must I be to be able to go to Pripyat?

The answer:
You must be 18 years of age at the time of the trip.

Question: I very much wish to go to Pripyat but have just found information about the current trip, naturally, late. I have not found information about future trips in the forum. Is it possible to get provisional dates as it is necessary for me to plan my vacation.

The answer:
As a rule, project Pripyat.com offers trips on the last Saturday of each month. The final terms about the next trip is not known or published until after the current trip has concluded.

Question: I read the forum a lot,, but could not understand which season is best for me to visit Pripyat?

The answer:
It is difficult to provide an answer to this question. Pripyat and nature become inseparable concepts. Choose whichever season you wish - you will open yourself to something new during any season.

Question: How is it best to arrive in Kyiv?

The answer:
You can arrive by train (we meet near the train station) or you can also fly into Kyiv and stay overnight in a hotel (preferrably one near the train station).

Question: It is possible to stop in Kiev for the night?

The answer:
It is best to stay in a hotel or apartment in the area of the train station.

Possible variants:

1. Hotel at the station, located in the left wing of Northern station (not the cheapest variant, but as consequence, good service).
2. Apartments. To reserve an apartment it is necessary beforehand.
3. The Hotel Rus in central Kyiv is a good place to stay for English-speaking participants. The service is good and most of the staff speaks English. If you overnight at Hotel Rus, you will need to use the metro (subway) to get to the meeting place, so plan your time appropriately. The Palats Sportu metro station is very close to the hotel. You will need to go to the Vokzalna metro station on the Red line, which is closest to the Southern train station. You can ask the clerk at the hotel desk for more specific directions.

Question: When and where do the trip participatns meet?

The answer:
Trip participants meet across the street from the Southen train station building in Kyiv from 07.00 until the time of departure (usually 07.30). In the first message of the declared trip all necessary information regarding the meeting place and time, along with emergency phone numbers are published.

Question: I wish to go to Pripyat in the structure of a group, but I am am frightened with the sizes of group - 40 people. How can we see Pripyat in such a large group?

The answer:
You have nothing to worry about, 40 person is the maximal size of a group which can be taken aboard the bus. On arrival in Pripyat we shall be divided into 3-4 subgroups, each of which will go on their own route. You can choose the route most appealing to you.

Question: Can I go to the Chernobyl zone of alienation by car?

The answer:
Yes, but only if you arrange for an individual trip. In the case of group trips it is impossible. To inquire about an individual trip, send a private message to moderator vizit. It is necessary to note, that in the territory of the zone, you can only take automobiles with Ukrainian license plates.Question: Is it possible to go to Rassoky/Рассоху (" vehicle cemetery ") or to "Chernobyl-2"? I saw photos of these places and they are very interesting to see.

The answer:
The vehicle cemetery in Rassoky/Рассохе no longer exists. Within the limits of a scheduled trip, it is also impossible to go to "Chernobyl-2". The bus simply will not go there. In the first message about each trip, we will present the planned route which is not subject to change.

3. Methods of Payment

Question: It is not clear to me what are the options for payment. What methods of payment are possible? Can I pay cash before the trip?

The answer:
Currently, the preferred method of payment is through the electronic payment system WebMoney. If you are unable to use WebMoney, contact moderator Vizit for information about using credit cards. Unfortunately, 100 % payment before departure of the bus is required.

The trip cost is $60 US (45 Euros). The cost of insurance is included in cost of the trip.

Question: I cannot understand system of payments Web-Money. Can I send credit card information for payment?

The answer:
Yes. Before sending credit card information, please contact moderator vizit to coordinate the processing of your payment in this manner.

If you had difficulties with using WebMoney, you may want to read the manual first.

Question: I would like to reserve a place on the next trip which has not been announced yet and make payment for that trip. Is this possible?

The answer:
No. Registration is possible only after the announcement of the date of the forthcoming trip since changes in dates are possible.

4. Dangers in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Question: For a one-day stay in the Zone, what is the approximate amount of radiation I will be exposed to? There are many ambiguous answers in the forum ...

The answer:
Please read through the forum messages to determine if these trips in the Zone are safe for you personally. An 8 hour stay in the Zone corresponds to about a 2 day exposure to natural background radiation outside the Zone. Do not forget about the necessity of following the appropriate rules of behavior while on the trip.

Question: I have read about particles in the forum, but I do not understand the dangers.

The answer:
The "Hot particle" is a highly active microparticle, as a rule, fuel of a reactor or a fuel-bearing material, the size of a micron. It is dangerous, first of all, at hit inside of an organism, especially an alpha-active.

Question: Though you speak about the safety of a short stay in the Zone, I am still frightened with the risk of being in the zone.

The answer:
Essentially to lower the risk of your stay in The Zone, follow these simple rules:

1. Do not deviate from the instructions provided by your group leader.
2. Proper clothing would be long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed footwear (i.e. no open-toed sandals).
3. Common sense.

Additional recommendations for going to Pripyat in the spring season: There are areas with ticks, so choose your clothing wisely (you may walk through areas of vegetation where the ticks exist).

Question: Can you please comment on meals: are they included in the cost of the trip, or is it necessary to bring my own food? What are the options?

The answer:
Meals are not included in the cost of the trip. The general recommendations on meals is that it be tightly packed and does not require direct contact with your hands.

Possible variants for meals:

1. Bring your own meal.
2. To buy in the food shop of the city of Chernobyl.
3. Dinner in the dining room of Chernobyl InterInform costing $12 US. The meals are large and taste very good.

If choose variant 1 or 2 it is necessary to remember, that it is extremely undesireable to eat in the open air, and littering is strictly forbidden in the Zone.

5. Recommendations on equipment

Question: Is protective clothing required for a trip to Pripyat? I have seen people in photos wearing yellow jackets, and some do not wear the jackets. Please explain.

The answer:
Special protective clothes are not required. Ordinary clothing will suffice. If you want to purchase a yellow jacket, please visit the Internet-shop pri5.com.

Question: How do I deal with clothing and footwear I used in the Zone (deactivation, washing or simply to throw out)?

The answer:
Before deciding what to do with you clothing, please note that when departing the Zone, all participants will be required to be checked for radiation levels. If your clothing has unacceptable levels of radiation on them, you will not be allowed to take them out of the Zone. We have not yet had anyone have to leave clothing behind as our trips are conducted in safe areas. It is safe enough to wash your clothes after returning home from the trip. If you are concerned about your clothing, it would be best to wear clothing that you do not mind throwing out after the trip.

Question: Does it make sense to take a respirator and/or glasses with me on the trip?

The answer:
Use of glasses and a respirator will undoubtedly, increase your safety. They repeatedly reduce risk "to swallow" hot particles from Chernobyl Unit 4, and this risk though small, does exist. Do not worry about what others think, your health is in your own hands.

Question: Is it necessary for me to throw out my camera or videocamera after the trip?

The answer:
There is nothing to worry about regarding your photo and video equipment. They will be fine provided you do not drop them on the ground. If you bring a tripod (camera support) on the trip, it is recommended that you only place it on asphalt. Do not put it on sand, moss, grass, etc.

6. Films

Question: How it is possible to get a DVD-disk with video data about Pripyat? What films are on the disk? There is not enough information on the site.

The answer:
To get a disk, as well as some other things it is possible through the Internet-shop pri5.com or you can purchase them on the trip.

On the disk, almost all the films in the forum section «Видео-pripyat.com» are presented. The list of films can be received in the Internet-shop in appropriating section.
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