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Welcome to Chernobyl and Pripyat (for english speaking visitors) This forum has been opened specially for english-speaking visitors who interested in Pripyat problems and who would like to share their thoughts.

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Старый 07.08.2012, 02:40   #21
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Цитата Сообщение от MarkR:
Literal Translations:

Форум г. Припять - Pripyat forum
Word-by-word translation:
Форум - Forum
г. - City (г. is an abbreviation for the Russian word город)
Припять - Pripyat

Требуется помощь - Help needed
Word-by-word translation:
Требуется - Required
помощь- Help

The literal translation of the phrase is "Forum for the city of Pripyat: Help is required". However, since we already know that Pripyat is a city, proper English removes the word "city" from the phrase. It is understood. Also, in a phrase like this, the word "for" can be removed. It's presence adds complexity to the phrase that is unnecessary. It is easier and more common to say "Pripyat forum." "For" is understood without physically being in the translation.

In the second part of the phrase, in English we rarely say the literal "Help is required." In this case the more standard phrase to use is "Help needed."
oh okay thank you very much now i see it.
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Старый 15.08.2012, 22:19   #22
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Is anyone aware of any job opportunities, for volunteers, within the zone of alienation. My plans are to travel to Pripyat in April or May of 2013. I would be very interested in spending a week working, as a volunteer, in Pripyat, or near the CNPP.
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Старый 13.11.2012, 20:00   #23
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i'm not sure that it is so easy to take the job there. too dangerous place.if it is possible you will need to fill in a lot of papers to show that you understand how dangerous is it.

it;'s not official information just what im thinking about it.
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Старый 23.05.2014, 18:52   #24
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Well, it is has been a long time since anyone has posted in the English forum... anyone else around? I just got back from my first trip to the zone.

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Старый 06.06.2014, 13:08   #25
Аватар для cromwell
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When you've been there? Lot's of people from abroad postpone their visits to our country considering the situation. Well, if you've been to Kyiv in the past month then you had a chance to ensure that the city lives like nothing had happened. Hopefully our politicians will find a compromise in their negotiations and all volunteers will be able to come to the Chernobyl zone and feel its tragic atmosphere without any worries.
Ah I wish I could join another trip to the zone in the nearest future...
Anyway, I hope you had enjoyed your trip and now aware of Pripyat' dramatic history. Come visit us again!
Нет предела совершенству, как и человеческой глупости
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